Why Keys and Anklets?

I’m sure there are some of you out there who are wondering about the name of this podcast. Well allow me to explain.

The Key

Within the cuckold lifestyle there are couples who enjoy chastity play. Often this involves the wife putting a cage on her husband’s penis to symbolize that she possesses him sexually. That his organ belongs to her. When he is locked in his cage she will often wear the key around her ankle or on a necklace when she is with a Bull. She wears it in plain sight of her cuck so that he can see just how proud she is to “own” him in this special way.

The Anklet

In the hotwife lifestyle one of the problems that couples sometimes face is how does the wife let men know that they have the green light to approach her. Within the lifestyle one common solution is for the wife to wear an anklet. Sometimes this will be a regular anklet and sometimes it will be an anklet with certain letters or symbols on them. Now this is not to say that every woman who wears an anklet is a hotwife. However, it is something that is fairly common within this lifestyle.