I’m putting together an episode that addresses many of the reasons why some wives are reluctant to enter the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. I have a few reasons listed below that I have heard from other wives but I would love to get some input from other wives so that I can flesh out the episode. Understand, I am not asking anyone to be on the show to talk about this (unless you wish to be a part of it), I’m simply asking you to contribute the reasons why you were reluctant initially. Please feel free to add your own thoughts below. Thank you in advance for your participation.

  • he just wants to use this lifestyle as an excuse to play with other women

  • he’s going to look at me differently if I actually sleep with another man

  • it’s cheating

  • it goes against my religious beliefs

  • I don’t think other men will desire to be with me

  • I’m afraid of family/friends finding out

  • My husband must not love me the way I thought he did if he wants me to sleep with other men

  • feelings of guilt afterwards

  • what if husband has regrets afterwards