I’m often contacted by people who are interested in attending one of my lifestyle parties. Understand that I mainly host 3 different types of parties:

  • Hotwife Parties - Parties for couples and single women who enjoy playing with single males. These are primarily for couples where the male partner enjoys seeing his female partner with other men

  • Cuckold Parties - Parties for couples and single women who enjoy the cuckold lifestyle. The parties are about more than just watching. Couples are encouraged to express whatever form of cuckolding they enjoy. Nothing is off limits. This is the perfect setting for anyone who is truly involved or interested in the cuckold like. I wouldn’t advise this party for anyone who does not have a sincere interest in the cuckold lifestyle.

  • BBC Hotwife/Gangbang Parties - These are parties for those women who really have a healthy appetite for black men. These parties typically have a male to female ratio of 2-1

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