Welcome to The Keys and Anklets Podcast

Here we explore all aspects of the cuckolding and hotwife lifestyles with the primary goal of creating a sense of realism while separating fact from fiction within these often widely misunderstood lifestyles. (Go here if you're curious about what the name of the podcast comes from)

Through discussions and interviews we celebrate the beautiful relationship dynamics, dissect the intricate complexities within them, and share the challenges and struggles so we can learn from one another. Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's very sexy and naughty, but even if you are just curious to all this or already experienced in the lifestyle you will always come away with having learned something new. 

About the host

The Keys and Anklets Podcast is hosted by Michael C whose background makes him uniquely qualified to be an expert in the field. He is a bull with over 17 years of experience in the hotwife/cuckolding lifestyle and has been hosting lifestyle parties for the past 5 years in the New York City area, including hotwife, cuckold, and BBC parties. His natural curiosity to analyze and understand combined with his love of conversation has given him an incredibly in-depth understanding and level of expertise in this lifestyle as well as a passion to share that knowledge with others. He hopes to elevate the lifestyle, educate others about it, and help people navigate the ups and downs within it.

"This lifestyle has been very good to me and this podcast is my way of paying it forward. The main thing I hope people take away from episodes is my passion for this lifestyle and I hope that people can learn from what I talk about. There are many things I want to do to elevate this lifestyle and make it easier to understand, make it more mainstream, and bring some common sense to it. This is about starting a movement. It's a journey. We're all going to grow, we're all going to laugh and hopefully we'll all be better for it." - Michael C

Support the podcast

Doing the show is a huge investment of time, energy and resources - from developing the ideas, outlining the episodes, recording, editing, and promoting - it's a lot of work to put together. And we don't want to stop there...we have several projects that we feel would greatly benefit those in the cuckolding/hotwife lifestyle:

  • - a private site for couples to find verified bulls

  • - a site for women to find pre-screened cucks to share this lifestyle with

  • - create a bull retreat where bulls can learn about and better understand the lifestyle

  • - cuckolding/hotwifing webinars

"My thought is that if I create something that truly resonates with people and these people value what I'm doing then they will see it as something worth supporting. To me it is simple; if you do not feel the desire to contribute then I have not done my job in providing something worthy of your support. However, if you do appreciate what I am not only doing but what I have planned as well, then you will be more than happy to show your continued support." - Michael  C

We are really excited to get to work on these projects but we can't continue the show or reach our goals without the support of our listeners. So if you enjoy the show and want to see it succeed we would greatly appreciate your support. We've set up an easy and secure way for our listeners to show their support: our Patreon page.

It's really simple and there are some really great perks! Supporters get exclusive early access to episodes, the chance to submit questions for guests, and the most sought after perk - the After Party episodes! The After Party episodes feature guests who talk about their most intimate experiences in detail - it's hot, it's sexy, it's so very exciting. Be sure to be sitting down when you listen to these episodes because they're sure to hit all the right buttons!

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