Episode 21 - A Conversation w/ S&D, A Cuckold Couple - Co-Hosted w/Cuckoldress Venus

Mrs. D and Mr. S share their 17 year evolutionary journey in this heartfelt, honest, and thought provoking interview with Michael C and Venus. They share their story of when they met in high school, had experienced adultery, moved into swinging then hotwifing, and eventually settled into cuckolding. They touch on many subjects in this interview such as her preference for black men, balancing real life with cuckolding, chastity, and trust, love and communication being paramount in their relationship. This fascinating interview goes in depth to answer the bigger questions surrounding the common misunderstandings of the lifestyle, answering the question of what's in it for him, how having a small penis gives confidence, enjoying humiliation as a loving gesture, and the joy that comes with embracing the relationship that both of them really want. This is a must listen to episode!

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