Step 1 - Locate and install the Discord App in your App store


Step 2 - Install and open the Discord App


Step 3 - Once Discord is open, you will either log in (if you have an account) or sign up (if you don’t have an account)


Step 4 - Login in if you have an account


Step 4 - Create an account if you don’t already have one


Step 5 - When you sign in you may see this screen. Click the menu button (3 horizontal lines to the left of “Friends”)


Step 6 - Menu Screen

Once on this screen you will select the setting icon (gear wheel in the bottom right (to the right of your screen name) You will then be taken to the User settings screen.


Step - 7 - User Settings Screen

Once on this screen you will scroll down to the section marked “Voice & Video”


Step 8 - Voice & Video

Select Voice & Video


Step 9 - Voice & Video

Once on this screen, make sure Voice Activity is selected. Test your mic and when you talk you should see the Sensitivity bar fill with green. Then scroll down….